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3 Free users – Microsoft office and sharepoint – Cpanel web management – End to end encrypted email – End to end encrypted web forms – Secure hosting – Encrypted file storage from Citrix – Portal Website – Encrypted messaging application – Investigate module – Lifetime Bid  for our clients

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Purchase today for $178 per month – our most secure and comprehensive package bringing you savings on Microsoft office and more.

Free users 3 users but more can be added later
Microsoft office and sharepoint Collaborate not only inside your firm but external with other lawyers too. 250 capacity on conference calls.
Cpanel web management Secure web hosting protected by F5 firewall – 48 of the top 50 Fortune 500 use it.
End to end encrypted email Encrypted to military grade – communicate with clients and colleagues in a safe way.
End to end encrypted web forms Encrypted to military grade – secure new clients right from your website.
Secure hosting Move your website and email for free.
Encrypted file storage from Citrix Encrypt all of your documents and files and access from any device – sync to your desktop.
Portal Website Manage all your encrypted mobile contacts and get performance data.
Encrypted messaging application Secure new clients through your own mobile applications, allow them to communicate with you anonymously until they are confident to talk in person.
Investigate module Investigate cases, maintain a record of actions and approve/allocate actions between your team.
Lifetime Bid  for our clients Get free access to bid on our client cases to secure them for your firm.