We provide cutting edge technology to protect businesses.

Our system is encrypted to military standards and we never leave messages online. This helps to protect reporting persons while they consider their options. They may just want to secure some support.

We listen and help

We encourage users to sign up anonymously through ‘throw away’ email addresses and under a pseudonym to fully protect them. This encourages reporting to ensure our business partners know exactly what is going on in their business.

Options for you

You can purchase as little as the mobile app through to a full suite of tools to help you manage HR issues, Fraud/Theft from your business, Whistle-blowers or change management reports. All from your phone, tablet, ipad or PC. Our system streamlines your reporting process to enable:

Allocation, Supervision and management of cases

Investigation platform

Multiple messaging route options

Statistics to identify trends

Portal to allow the upload of encrpyted files of terabits of data

And more…

Report via email, telephone or mobile application – all encrypted to military grade and anonymous.

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