Encrypted and Anonymous Messaging Platform

By mobile app – By Email – By Web Contact – By telephone hotline

Use cases.

You can use it to enable an internal whistle-blowing platform.

You can use it to provide staff, customer and supplier feedback to your business.

You can use it for change management feedback.

You can use it to survey or poll your entire business eco-system.

See How it Stops You Being Victim to Business Fraud.

$7 billion is stolen from businesses every year in the US by internal fraudsters.

You need a way for your staff, customers and suppliers to report suspicious activity to you – anonymously. Our messaging platform will reduce your exposure to fraud by 50%.

The platform can be used not only in counter fraud, but to protect your reputation and bottom line from regulatory fines for any form of illegality- such as money laundering or tax evasion through your business. Nowadays with fines climbing into the billions it isn’t a ‘want’, it is a ‘need’.

Our platform helps you provide an anonymous reporting mechanism for your staff, customers and suppliers.

They can report by:

  • Encrypted and Anonymous Email
  • Encrypted and Anonymous Mobile App
  • Web Contact form
  • Telephone hotline

Get the Stats

The system comes with a portal website that you can interrogate to recover statistics on how well the system is performing. How many messages, the locations of the senders, the volume of users and more.

Users can download the application to their mobile device.

Our platform comes with a comprehensive workflow that helps you investigate anything reported. The workflow has been designed by a Police officer, based on police investigative and intelligence systems. This improves the productivity of your teams and controls investigative actions – inside regulatory requirements and inside your business.

We can also provide external expertise in combating any type of fraud or criminality. From just writing policies for you, to providing convert equipment to catch the offenders.


See what our clients say…

“The system Chis Solutions have built is second to none. It reassures people who are afraid to report because it is anonymous and encrypted. People want to report concerns. They’ve just got to be reassured to do so, Chis Solutions provide that reassurance to do the right thing.”

Andy Parr
Andy Parr

Contact us for a demonstration of our solution. You won't be disappointed.


Biggest FCPA fine? $2 Billion

The fines for companies using ‘shady’ business practices just seem to get bigger and bigger. If your business operates remote workers and you don’t have eyes on their business ethics, talk to us to help you manage your regulatory risk.



NB: If you are a whistle-blower DO NOT USE THIS FORM, IT IS NOT SECURE.

All whistle-blowers should download our encrypted application and use that – see the ‘Free Downloads’ on the menu above.